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Welcome, I am Taylor, and I am now a happy sexy live cam girl, life can be strange. One day you serve people their food and drinks and make people happy, and then suddenly you are walking over the streets, without a job and with no options to work cause everyone is in a lockdown. Did you realize that we all face the same storm, but we are in very different boats, each one of us. Anyway, the reason I am here is simple, I have always been a woman that needs affection and loves to be watched. And I thought it would be a nice boost for my solo sex life, learning new things from strangers and making new experiences with people who watch my nude naked body from a distance and have fun while doing so. I am 20 years, and I am open to learning a lot of new things, but I am also very capable of entertaining you with the experience I have acquired throughout the years, and yes, I watch porn movies 🙂 I am one of those girls.

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