Sweety Angelll

Welcome to my heaven room, My name is Raiss, i’m a Russian girl.Let me introduce in my beautiful word. Everything i do,i do with love. I can be your psychologist, your good friend or your lover. I like sensuality, real love and real sex. I’m an angel, i will seduce you with my sweetness but i will kill you with my moan, it only depends on you. I love respect, and compliments so if you are here to judge me or talking bad please don’t do it. Respect all the woman’s because we all have some stories behind our life. I won’t tell you anything more about me, just come with me in heaven and discover me in my genuine form. Only good vibes and good energy in my room. So if you are here you are also supporting me travelling and discover new things and for this I thank you so much.

If you click here, we can have a real talk. Let’s meet now

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