Sweet Milkis

My name is Amy. I’m from Eastern Europe, I like to skate, I used to play hockey. I love pets, I want a little Maine Coon kitten, to which I will give all my respect and passion. I like to spend time alone with myself, to be in nature in a quiet and cozy place. I am a cheery person full of positive power and I love to laugh. So make me smile and make me feel a lot of pleasure and I will do my best to make you happy too and to enjoy each and every minute in my room! My dream? There are so many fascinating places in the world, so many new adventures. A journey, the only chance to see everything with your own eyes. My goal is to visit all the continents of the world. meet new exciting people. See the sea. visit all the beaches of the world. See the coolest and sunniest places. Maybe even go all over the globe. My dream will soon become a fact, as it will be thanks to all of you for giving me a grain of sand to make my dream a reality.

I welcome you into my live cam bedroom. Tell me who you are, let’s make a chat!

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