Hello, my name is Ronny, and I am a girl (God thanks) and I have 19 years. I love to be a dark little gothic lady, but seeing that those others are making themselves ridiculous and create a wrong stigma I am not supporting, I decided to find my selective number of fans right here. I always think it is better to have one bird in the hand instead of 10 in the air.  So, what can you expect in my room? A dark thinking blondie? Almost, I am blond, but I am interested in the Fetish Part of the Sex. I like to go deep where I have never been before and searching for a trainer, a mentor.  But I am also very open to Sex Online without any relation to Fetish. It’s like drinking coffee without sugar, but it is good for me health 🙂

I hope to see you at my live cam room. Introduce yourself to me.