Hello everybody! My name is Sonya, I am 20 years old. I am from Russia. I love reading, studying and the university as a journalist, and studying psychology for myself. I love to dance, have fun and write poetry. I watch a lot of films and adore listening to music. I was born in a small village, I have a big family and a grandmother who was always at my side. I had one relationship that lasted 4 years, but now I am single and hope that one day I will meet a person who can support me in difficult situations and will love me. I have a bipolar disorder, so it can be difficult and fun to be with me. You will be interested to talk to me. I really love to chat, and make new acquaintances, and I can before your friend if you want it. In private I like to talk, dance and have fin, play with my pussy and cum together.

Come to my Freemium Cam Room, I promise I will be kind for you!

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