Michi Gan

Hello everyone! My name is Anastasia. And I am a student. I am a fair-haired brown-eyed girl. now with short hair. I like to talk about nature and dreams. my favorite color is black and blue. I like to learn, I like to have fun, so drop by it and have fun together. My favorite flowers are yellow tulips and pink roses. I often dye my hair because I want to be as bright as flowers. If they gave me purple and blue roses, I would be the happiest in the world. my dream and my goal are to visit New York City, see the statue of liberty, and take a lot of cool selfies. The city clings to me with its mysterious buildings and lights, because in Russia there is no such thing, so I want to look forward to visiting this wonderful city.

Step into this live cam bedroom, and say “hello” to start a conversation.

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