Hello, I am Jeny and next to me is Scarlett, we are two happy girls. First a little about myself, I am Jeny, 18 years, and I have 168 centimeters, the sky is the limit. I am a fan of walking in the forest, be one with nature, birds, trees, and some wild animals. I love to walk long ends and release a lot of my frustrations in that way. Scarlett is more into theatre and eating and living healthy. I can tell you, I eat without thinking, but for Scarlett this is another topic. Anyways, we are both very very very best friends since forever, and we are very okay with each other bodies. You might ask yourself how this has all evolved in the later years, but that’s a topic for one of our private chats. In our room, we want you to be civilized and kind. Do not spread negativity in our room.

Come to our Freemium Cam Room, we promise we will be kind for you!

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