Hello nice guys, and ladies also, we do not want to offend anyone, thinking that this site is for guys only is a …. bad thing to say.  Today is international woman day, it reminds me of the Day for the Man where we all decided to not do anything cause guys are worthless right? It pisses me off to see how we, girls, have downgraded the guy to a person that is only into sex!  We should be ashamed, cause that is just not how it is, and when you are a guy and think that girls hate you, sorry that is not true, sorry cause it hurts me to think we managed to go to these times.  I am HERE FOR THE GUYS who are feeling ignored by all the pretty girls, let me, Cora, take you in my arms and tell you how much we are happy that you are here, I am here to say THANK YOU for giving me this opportunity to be a cam girl, and have a job where I can masturbate and still feel like doing my duty! Let’s have some fun and make jokes about the feminists who think they represent the entire female race.

I am going to welcome you to my live cam room, how awesome is that?
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