My name is Laura and I’m 21 y.o. From mother Russia! I have a lot of dreams and am trying to make them come true step by step & day by day. Lucky for you I can speak English( and without a translator! ), so we will have no problem getting to know each other. I’m here to entice you with my body, and get to know you deeper by talking with you, and I REALLY like to talk, I love jokes and am good at laughing at myself when I’m being silly. I like to talk about everything and you can even share your problems with me and We can deal with them together. You will definitely not regret saying hello, and remember to say hi to me first. When I do my show, EVERYTHING depends on my mood. I really LOVE to dance (shaking my ass mostly) and sing ( even tho I don’t think I’m singing all that good ) I like to tell stupid stories from my life and I am very good at laughing at myself when I need to. I have a lot of sides to my personality and here is the place for my naughty side, which really depends more on you. I’m a real music lover, so if u have some fire songs for me, be sure to make that request, cause I love new songs.

When you click here, you will be redirected to my own public adult chat room.

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