Hello, my name is Anna, and I am happy to see you here. I just started out last week and I am still learning about my computer the things I was not allowed to learn at my home cause of religion. Anyways, now I am a free girl, living on my own and realizing I was shielded from the real world cause sex is pretty much fucking amazing. I will be upfront, you will see some scars on my arms, this is the result of my childhood. But I am pretty much over this and found my path in life and try to walk it the best I can. For sure you will speak with a down to earth lady who knows how pain feels and how you can heal from it. I am not an expert, but I had my share and am always willing to tell you about it when you ask for it. Maybe you are looking for a perfect flawlessly made girl, I can not offer you this, but what I can give you is my own personal unique personality and I will be honest and not make you sad. How about we break the ice?

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