Hello, nice seeing you here. I am Alex, and that’s a very common name for a girl from where I come from. Also, I think my dad wanted a son, not a daughter, so far for choices in life! I have 19 years, and I am here for some weeks now, and I am okay with the people in my room, as long they are polite and nice. However, when the webmaster of this site was in my room, I shouted and made him feel cheap and bad. I also made a fool of myself by calling him a broke freeloader. So, in the end, when you want to be disappointed, you can go to my room! Also, keep in mind, I only take people seriously who start sending me money without me talking to them. That’s who I am, take it or leave it, when you want someone with a nice character, browse more here, but do not go to me, cause I will make you feel guilty for watching me.  So, thank you for reading, and fuck off now!

Feel welcome, just click here, and we are together in my free chat room.

Extra Edit: The hostess of this room was certainly not okay being on the webcam, she makes you feel guilty, some poaching behavior which we disapprove of! This is a model you want to avoid if you still want to have a nice day!

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